As the nation’s leading home builder, we’ve enjoyed success as an organization and believe in sharing our success with our team members through pay for performance, goal achievement and bonuses.

We believe in investing in our team members, at work and at home.

Whether you’re managing your health or planning your future, you’ll find what you need in our extensive benefit offerings. Some of the benefits we offer include:

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Health Benefits

You know what’s best for you and your family, so team members have the flexibility to create their own health, dental and vision benefits package.

Wellness Program

We encourage holistic wellness with physical, nutritional, social, financial, spiritual and occupational programs for team members.

Financial Benefits

Clayton provides competitive 401K programs, including investment options and company matching after one year to help our members achieve their goals.

Career Development

We provide tuition assistance, job training and leadership development programs to invest in team members’ continual advancement at Clayton.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Fitness Center

At our home office, we recently renovated our fitness center to include a new and improved gym, a yoga / barre studio and state of the art fitness equipment which is available at no cost to team members.

New Break Room

In 2019, our TRU® White Pine facility completed a new break room for its team members. Seven more manufacturing facilities are scheduled to break ground for new break rooms and expansions, scheduled for completion in 2020.

Wellness Classes

Home office team members are encouraged to join classes facilitated by our wellness team covering topics like personal finance, instructional cooking, herb gardening and more.

Healthier Choices

Fresh fruits are available to team members at no cost at our home office and many of our building facilities.

Building Lifelong Careers

As many of our team members can tell you, your first job with Clayton could be the start of a lasting career. Whether you’re looking to develop new skills, are a recent graduate or are an experienced professional, we can give you the tools to create the career you’ve dreamed of.

Tuition Assistance

Each team member is encouraged to improve their on-the-job skills. A tuition assistance program is available for team members who choose to take eligible courses to improve job-related skills and competencies.

Career Training

Team members can learn, develop their knowledge and skills and evaluate their performance with position-specific and professional development training, courses on corporate policies and procedures as well as business ethics and compliance policies.

Internship Program

Clayton offers a summer internship program that provides the opportunity to participate in real-world business related projects along with normal day-to-day operations. Some of the business areas that interns are exposed to include: Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service, Legal, Finance and Engineering.

Leadership Development

Clayton has training to enhance and develop leadership skills for team members who transition into supervisor and management roles. With IGNITE training, leaders at Clayton learn how to develop their own skills and capabilities as well as those of their teams, including how to develop emotional intelligence, build relationships and lead change.