Career Development

Tuition Assistance Program

The Company encourages each Team Member to improve their on-the-job skills. A tuition assistance program is available for Team Members who choose to take eligible courses to improve job-related skills and competencies.

Internship Program

Clayton offers a summer internship program that provides real-world business related projects with normal day-to-day operations. Some of the business areas that interns are exposed to include: accounting, marketing, customer service, legal, finance, and engineering.

We understand the value of keeping good relationships with colleges and universities and we pride ourselves on the importance of recruiting the best of the best!


Expand your skills with our extensive training programs, including:

  • Financial Services Leadership Academy
  • New Account Representative and Call Center Agent Training
  • Credit Manager Training
  • New Leader Orientation
  • Outside Training and Seminars

ENGAGE Talent Resource Center

We strongly believe that Clayton’s success is dependent upon our people. Specifically, we want to provide an environment where our team members feel fully engaged in their work. Therefore, we have created a customized resource where team members can learn, develop their knowledge and skills, evaluate their performance, and much more. This resource is called “ENGAGE” and is housed in the company’s intranet. Within the “ENGAGE” site is an online training center called “LEARN.” Some of the training programs within this site include:

  • Organization Improvements
  • Job Specific Courses
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures
  • Professional Development Courses
  • Ethics & Compliance Policies
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Ignite – Leadership Development

Clayton has specific training to enhance and develop leadership skills as one makes the transition into supervisor and management roles. A Clayton leader encompasses such qualities as:

  • Developing Self
  • Managing Emotions
  • Developing Others
  • Developing Team
  • Leading Change
  • Developing Relationships
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